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Locate any Post Office / Pincode in India:

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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Mirzapur Pincode / Post Office Search (SONBHADRA, Uttar Pradesh)

Ahungi Kala B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Akodhi B.O 231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Amaha Mafi B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Amilaudha B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Babura B.O 231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Babura Kala B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Baghaura B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bajta B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Balliparwa B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Baraudha Belan B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Barbasa Gaharwar B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bardiha Kala B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bedaur B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Belahara B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bhaisod Balay Pahad B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bihsada B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bijaipur S.O (Mirzapur) 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Bilra Patehara B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Biraura B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Birohi B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Dadwan Pakseda B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Dramandganj B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Dubarkala B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Dugauli B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Ekali B.O 231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Ghaghara B.O 231212MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Ghatampur B.O 231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Gogaon B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Gothaura B.O 231302MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hallia B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hardi Gulalpur B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hargarh Bazar B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hariharpur Bedauli B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hinauta B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Hussainpur B.O 231301MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kakarad B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kalna B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kalwari Mafi B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kamasin B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kanethi B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kanhaipur B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kanokhar B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Khaira B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kholua B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Kushhan B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Lahangpur B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Lalganj (Mirzapur) S.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Lilasikala B.O 231212MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Lohadi B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Mahuari Kala B.O 231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Mahuaria B.O 231212MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Majhawan B.O 231501MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Matwar B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Meoli B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Mohanpur Bhavrakh B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Mowaiya B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Mujehara B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Nadaulikaraundi B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Nadini B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Navgawan B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Nibi Gaharwar B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Nigatpur B.O 231314MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Padaria Kala B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Padwania B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Patharaul B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Patulki B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Pavari Kala B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Atari B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Rehi B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sabha Lilwahi B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sagobandh B.O 231212MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sarson Gram B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Shivdwar B.O 231210MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sindhora B.O 231001MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sirsi B.O 231309MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Sri Niwas Dham B.O 231313MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Supantha B.O 231303MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Tilaon B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Tilthi B.O 231312MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Tita B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Usari Khamaria B.O 231211MirzapurUttar Pradesh
Vindhyachal S.O 231307MirzapurUttar Pradesh

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